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this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart

here is the place where I love you
Aug 31 '14




This shits real af that’s why I HATE cashiering with a passion .
I literally had an Indian woman tell me I need to treat her husband with respect as he yelled in my face because I wouldn’t discount an item . Like wtf but I wasn’t feelin it that day and went the fuck off on her and her husband . I got written up for it the next day but like I was legit ready to toss my name badge off and whoop both their asses because of the name calling . Like I was ready to slam homies face into the counter lol

Aug 31 '14

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Aug 31 '14

There is someone that I always wanted to meet.

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Aug 31 '14


we were young and hungry and raised by wolves | [8tracks]

Aug 31 '14
Aug 31 '14


"oh clara, do i not pay you?"

"you couldnt afford me"


Aug 31 '14

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Aug 31 '14

So can we just forget about this awful Doctor who doesn’t give a shit about the universe and yet gets judgey about soldiers after HE kills someone for an EXPERIMENT and then makes jokes about it…

…and have a series of just Clara and Danny instead? thanks.

Aug 24 '14


Joss Whedon and George R. R. Martin walk into a bar. Everybody you love dies,
Then Steven Moffat walks in. Everybody comes back to life without explanation, re-affirms their heterosexuality, flirts with the main character and the feminist movement is set back 50 years

Aug 24 '14


astronomers got tired after watching the moon go around the earth for 24 hours so they decided to call it a day

Aug 24 '14

Chamber of Secrets book quotes

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Aug 24 '14



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Aug 24 '14

Our Husky Stark seemed a little overheated after his walk this morning, so we decided to tried something out. We regret it now because it is next to impossible to get him to come out


Our Husky Stark seemed a little overheated after his walk this morning, so we decided to tried something out. We regret it now because it is next to impossible to get him to come out

Aug 24 '14





I can’t stop laughing at Harry running the fuck awaythe boy who lived ladies and gentlemen.

….You realize, of course, that Hermione Granger lit a teacher on fire when she was eleven, and kept a person alive in a jar for a year when she was fourteen, and studies dark and forbidden magics for kicks, and is one of the brightest and strongest witches of her era. If she came at me, even wandless, I would aparate to Neptune to get away from her.

Hermione Granger also: 

  • punched Draco Malfoy in the nose for being an idiot 
  • purposefully performed a confundus charm on whatshsface WHILE HE WAS FLYING just so Ron would win (omfg that is so fucking dangerous) 
  • literally pulled a fucking Bourne Identity on her parents and managed to set them up in fucking Australia (jesus christ she literally made it so that she NEVER EXISTED wtf that’s so fucking 007)
  • Convinced the Ministry of Magic to give her an incredibly dangerous and volatile device that allowed her to ALTER TIMELINES COMPLETELY (just because she was so smart, literally, that is the reason, her “potential”) 
  • Has enough basic survival skills and badass magic to literally disappear to the middle of nowhere and flourish AND figure out Voldemort’s plot with Harry 
  • Hermione also figures out not only what Voldemort’s plan is, but generally how to beat it, WAY BEFORE VOLDEMORT EVER DOES. Why? because she is just that much smarter and better at magic than everybody else

in conclusion: Voldemort wishes he could be as awesome as Hermione, that’s why he wants to kill her so bad. 

Can we rehave this series with hermione as the protagonist. 

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Aug 24 '14